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Back in March, an email landed into my Inbox from RAW Artists asking me to participate in one of their upcoming Sydney showcases. I swallowed hard and totally balked at the idea of putting myself out there. The email sat in my Inbox, staring at me. 

A couple of weeks later, a follow-up email arrived. Once again I balked. But then my mind turned the idea over....and then over some more and I decided to go for it. Why the hell not, right?

So, what now? 

Glad you asked! I had to recruit some gorgeous models and come up with some smashing outfits for them to wear. 

Thankfully, the four lovely ladies and one macho man I asked all said Yes when I cornered them re the modeling. Now it was up to me to come up with amazing fashion pieces for them to wear. 

My whole fashion deal and everything that Nunkeri stands for is colour! The pieces had to be bright, they had to be bold and they had to be Australian or Aboriginal designer fabrics. Off I ran to the drawing board.

After some sketching and researching on fabrics I was ready to start measuring, cutting and making! So now basically all my spare time at the moment is filled with making creations for the ARISE RAW Artists Showcase on 13 June - but I am loving every minute of it. 

RAW Artist events showcase independent artists from different genres including fashion, beauty, art, craft, photography, music, performance art and hairdressing. It has been going for years and has events all over the globe. 

If you are interested in coming along to the one in Sydney in June, head to For more information on RAW Artists, head to

Have you ever put yourself out there?
Did you succeed?


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