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The older I get the longer my list of "stuff I want to do" gets. One of the things that ended up on this list was "make something I can wear". 

I asked my mum to teach me how to sew so I could actually make this piece of clothing to wear. One weekend, we sat down at her Elna sewing machine with a stack of red corduroy and a whole lot of hope that we didn't end up fighting out it. 

It was a success, there was no yelling and I ended up with a skirt to wear and the sewing seed was well and truly sowed.

Mum's Elna sewing machine became mine and Spotlight became my favourite place to hang out, I was totally hooked. I made skirts, dresses, tablecloths and tops. I made clothes for my kids, neighbours and friends.

That feeling you get when you finish something and seeing the joy of someone else loving it is totally addictive. I loved it and wanted to share with more and more people. 

After enrolling in a sewing class and meeting some amazingly talented inspiring people the fire in my belly grew and the time when I had to make a decision - should I sell some of the things I make?

After some serious thinking and more thinking, I decided to go for it and Nunkeri Creative was born.

How did you get into sewing? or any other creative pursuit?

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  • JEnnifer kLuge on

    I want to see more of your lovely clothes

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